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The highest customer satisfaction levels are reached thanks to the implementation of Sabienzia´s unique secure voice processing  technologies using its own IP-Network Infrastructure.

Proprietary infrastructure

Meeting the highest standards of security, data protection and encryption worldwide, Sabienzia developed technologies to manage Voice over its owned Private Networks accordingly to the individual requirements of each customer. Accordingly, proprietary algorithms are deployed to guarantee the effective and secure processing of each peer to peer transaction overcoming geographical barriers.

The Workflow that drives Voice Success


Voice translation


Text processing


Semantic analysis



Voice transcription
Voice is processed within Sabienzia secured network and routed worldwide according to customers needs. Remote peers are carefully authenticated individually before processing any transaction to make sure only authorised entities are allowed to perform voice operations.

Transcription is the act of turning spoken language from conversation into written language. Unlike written language, spoken language is generally much looser with the rules of grammar and syntax: we change subjects mid-sentence, repeat ourselves, insert filler words, or speak in non-grammatical fragments that we rely on our interlocutor to make sense of. This first stage of voice processing has some particular storage challenges that are carefully considered as they are the basis to complete the voice-chain and obtain value of the voice.




Thanks to NLP frameworks and computer models, Sabienzia has developed semantic engines together with world leading researching institutions, that allow customers to efficiently identify complex information.

Using personalised dictionaries and models it is possible to achieve higher recognition rates of patterns related to each business sector, Sabienzia is able to process information that may be incomplete, ambiguous and unstructured in customers spoken language.