The Value of a Secure Operation on Demand, in Real Time and under Control Independent of Geographic Locations

Operational Control

Human Capital Management

Quality Assurance




One Single Suite for Intelligent Management

Automatic Call Distribution

Calls are prioritised and dispatched to the staff using intelligent rules and several routing strategies likes like: Skill Based, Longest Idle, Performance Based, Last Agent, Feedback Based

Waiting Priority Service

Waiting queues are intelligently managed to provide customers the option to drop while waiting and let Sabienzia wait for them with the highest priority. Customer are immediately notified as soon someone is able to take their call. 

Alerts to support Availability

Based on different parameters, Sabienzia can automatically react (e.g. in peak-level situations) to mobilise geographically distributed agents in the event of unexpected situations via Pop-ups, E-mails or SMS.

Multichannel Communication

Staff is provisioned with Voice and Messaging tools to perform customers support as well to communicate internally within a secured network of communication.



Monitor your staff in realtime

Mobile Presence Control

Mobile Live Dashboards provide the management team enough information to check the status and activities of all geographically distributed staff and service at a glance in real time.

Audio and Video Coaching

Calls can be monitored in live mode (this function requires caller's authorisation)

Video coaching and silent coaching can be performed by project managers while staff in service.

Training eLearning and Assessment

Video training sessions can be held live or recorded for reuse.


Through online tests, the knowledge of the agents can be validated.


The test results can be made a prerequisite for the project participation.

Infoboard / Monitored Messaging

Targeted distribution of project-relevant information allowing the management to trace the access and staff acknowledge.

Staff receives notifications in different channels notifying the relevant information to be accessed.

The File Manager extension allows attachment of securely validated files.


Voice Recording

Calls can be recorded and later on streamed and validated together with the staff. (Data Protection agreements are required for its activation.)

Exemplary calls can be used as reference for trainings.

Recordings can be precisely marked and documented using graphical interface.


Secured Video Authenitcation

Only authorised staff is allowed to access Sabienzia applications after a video authentication. Validation of reference pictures and environment are performed in a Video Peer Communication that allows or restricts the access to the operational systems.


Control your staff independently of their location


At enterprise level, Sabienzia provides an Interface to interact with any external system in realtime. Taking the advantage of the realtime voice-events triggered, customers are able to easily build up functionality just using Sabienzia's Infrastructure on demand.


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